Think Media Internship 


On our mission to help 10,000 people go full-time on YouTube - your role is to help catch the attention of people who need our help and lead them into our content.


Imagine working side-by-side with a purpose-driven team of legendary creators, marketers and entrepreneurs. Picture being a part of a dynamic team where you will apply your skill set in a supportive and collaborative environment while contributing to projects that make measurable, real-world impact. Now, think of yourself in a paid Think Media Internship.


When you apply for a Think Media Internship - you will be applying to work generally in one of the areas we have listed below. In your application, please indicate the specific area in which you'd like to be involved.


These internships are dynamic. If you feel you can add value to our team - let us know how and why! We are looking for people who are able to work up to full-time hours. This is a paid internship.


If you think you are a great fit for Think Media, if you have skills to contribute in our available areas of focus, and if you are able to work part- to full-time for 6 months in an internship capacity, I highly recommend applying for this internship. We are excited to meet you!

Application Process:
  • You will be taken to an application form. This form will include a location to attach a video file. Any application without an attached video file will not be considered.
  • Once you finish the application form, you will be automatically forwarded to an assessment. It may take a moment to load. This assessment will take approximately 20 minutes to complete. There are two main parts; you will need to complete each in one sitting. After you finish the first part of the assessment, you will receive an email to take the second part of the assessment. Be sure to check your email (the one you provide at the start of the test) to take the second portion of the assessment.
  • The application form, video upload and assessment must all be completed to apply for this position.
  • If you receive an interview, you will be contacted via email.
  • Thank you for taking the time to apply to work with Think!
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We have opportunities for you to contribute in areas like:

  • Sales
  • Customer Relations
  • Event Planning
  • Video Editing/Content Creation
  • Graphic Design
  • Administrative
  • Copy Writers
  • Audio, Visual, Lighting 
  • Digital Marketing


Who were looking for candidates who:

  • Have a desire to serve our audience of creative entrepreneurs and help them succeed
  • Are excited to support the rest of the team as we work together and lift each other up
  • Are honest and integrous
  • Are driven to pursue excellence
  • Solve problems quickly and confidently
  • Practice servant leadership and 360 degree leadership
  • Are positive, encouraging, gracious, and uplifting
  • Are ready to work hard, tackle challenges, and love what they do


We're looking for motivated team members who are ready to make an immediate, measurable impact on the world and bring innovative ideas, products and services to our community. We're on a mission to help 10,000 purpose-driven people go full time on YouTube. If you join the team, you will be a pivotal part of this mission.


What are some of the benefits of a Think Media Internship?

  • Gain valuable work experience
  • Explore a career path
  • Give yourself an edge in the job market
  • Develop and refine skills
  • Receive financial compensation
  • Network with professionals in the field
  • Gain confidence


Culture Fit

  • A desire to serve our audience and help them succeed
  • Constant awareness of what our audience needs and how we can deliver that to them 
  • A willingness to support the team, work together and lift each other up
  • Working with honesty and integrity. Acknowledging mistakes and working to improve. Practicing extreme ownership of our own mistakes and readily presenting ways to move past those mistakes or solve a problem.
  • Pursue excellence. You always seek to level up your skills, learn new things and become the best you can be.
  • Problem solving. You take ownership of your role and bring possible solutions to the table when something is wrong. You pursue answers and research instead of relying on step-by-step instructions.
  • Grace and understanding. Our team moves fast and is very much in the startup phase. We all know there are things that could be improved and we want to know how we can help. We have grace for ourselves and each other as we all grow together.
  • Servant leadership. We lead by example, by striving to help our community and each other.
  • 360 degree leadership. We believe that we all have a leadership role as we not only lead those under us, but next to us and above us. We all practice communication, ownership, problem solving, relationship building, and other examples of leadership.



What Makes Us a Great Team to Be a Part Of

  • Our work environment is healthy, familiar, fun and challenging. We all get along amazingly well and truly care for and support each other. We also constantly challenge each other to grow, there are no lids on members of our team.
  • We like to have fun together - we have work retreats where we are able to have awesome experiences (think renting a cabin in Big Bear and snowboarding, or renting ATVs and testing out Go Pros, and also just having game nights where we enjoy food and hang outs)
  • We want to aid you in your growth. We support you by purchasing training and resources you need to improve in your job. We invest in our team members.
  • You’ll be connected to some of the most influential people in our industry, able to learn and grow from their example.
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