Private Coaching with Sean Cannell

Grow Your Channel with Expert Coaching

Ready to take your YouTube channel, brand, and business to the next level? Over the years I have been able to help business owners, authors, speakers, non-profits, and YouTubers break growth barriers, accelerate their growth, and increase their income with online video.

Coaching Topics Usually Include:

  • Video SEO and Video Ranking
  • YouTube Channel Review
  • Online Video Strategy
  • Audience Growth
  • Strategic Video Ideas

 Real Results

YouTube and video marketing is power. Here are some of the results I have been able to achieve and can help you achieve as well! 

  • Launched a #1 Best-Selling Book (w/ new sales every month on auto-pilot from YouTube)
  • Built an email list over 100,000 from YouTube
  • Built a new YouTube channel from 0 to 10,000 subscribers in 10 months
  • Generated a full-time income from YouTube with a relatively small audience
  • 320,000 YouTube Subscribers
  • 17.4+ Million Views on YouTube


  • Call will be recorded for you to have as a personal reference
  • Refer 3 coaching clients and receive a FREE session

Private Coaching w/ Sean Cannell