Social Media Manager

Position Overview

Are you a creative that loves marketing and building a business?

Do you geek out on studying social media trends, and binge shorts from the industry leaders?

Do you desire to make an impact in a cutting-edge and fast-growing company while working behind the scenes?

Then the team at Think Media needs you!

Think Media is seeking a full-time Social Media Manager to support the entire company. This role is critical because it creates the backbone needed to push out engaging, educating, empowering, and encouraging content to further build a strong relationship with audiences and potential customers. This position requires someone who is a marketer first, and a creative second.

Think Media teaches the best tips and tools for online videos. The mission is to help 10,000 people go full-time on YouTube. The foundational course, Video Ranking Academy, teaches aspiring YouTubers a proven system for ranking videos, growing an audience, and turning views into income. On top of the course, the company hosts an annual sold-out event, offers a bootcamp and is building a mastermind so top students can have better access to the leader and founder of the company, Sean Cannell. 

You are perfect for this role because you have a native desire to serve. You’re an intrapreneur who’s always gravitated towards roles where you can support others and knock out tasks. Your level of organization, attention to detail and speed of accomplishing tasks leaves others quaking in their boots.

Details of the Role

  • Company: Think Media

    Reports to: Director of Marketing

    Status: FULL-TIME, W2

    Location: Remote

    Application Deadline: Sunday, February 26, 2023


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Responsibilities (tasks associated with the role)


  • Team Involvement
    • Attend full team meetings at 9 AM PST every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
    • Attend weekly marketing meetings every Monday at 2 PM PST
    • Attend weekly social media meeting every Wednesday at 9:30 AM PST
    • Attend team leadership and relationship-building activities as scheduled
  • Social Media Administration
    • Distribute social media content to each platform
    • Work with social media and sales manager to establish social media strategy around each of our product launches
    • Schedule out social media posts on all our platforms at least one week ahead of time. There will be at least 3 posts on all platforms daily in the following categories: tips & tricks, marketing posts, engagement questions, leadership and YouTube thoughts, sharing our YouTube videos
    • Come up with creative ideas for Instagram reels, Tik Toks, YouTube shorts and other emerging social media
    • Write copy, create graphics (or work with a graphic designer), and overall curate content to go on each social platform
    • Maintain the bios and links that are on each platform natively (ie. the link in our Instagram bio)
    • Generate weekly reports on social media performance and initiatives to improve performance
    • Work with the marketing video editor to find clips from the Think Media and Think Media Podcast YouTube channels 
  • Social Media Engagement
    • Engage daily on social media posts across all platforms
    • Document helpful information garnered from social media posts about what questions are students have, what videos we should create, helpful marketing terms, etc
    • Gathering community wins for our customer success team
  • Projects to Manage/Implement
    • Creatively working to improve our systems and processes
    • Fully owning all projects from start to finish
    • Learn and take over our Manychat chatbot funnels
    • Work with our social media and sales manager to establish a social media playbook for our company - design preferences, catalogs of copy and well-performing posts, systems to make our process more efficient
  • KPI Associated with the Role
    • Daily posts on each platform
    • Follows on each platform
    • Link click and chatbot flow subscribers   


 Requirements (expected proficiencies to excel in this role) 

  • General
    • Experience as a Social Media Manager is a huge BONUS
    • You do not desire to be the “talent” or the next big YouTube star on the Think Media team.  
  • Task Management
    • You are a dynamic worker with the ability to learn new things quickly
    • You feel competent managing multiple different duties at one time
    • You are effective at managing your time
    • You can recognize tasks that should be prioritized over others
    • You can manage projects by tracking detailed tasks and driving toward a big goal
    • You have an incredible attention to detail
  • Organization
    • You can use project management tools like to outline a project from start to finish
    • You can keep a variety of tasks and projects organized and prioritized
    • You don’t get overwhelmed easily by many tasks, you instead find ways to make them doable 
  • Leadership
    • You work well with others and enjoy working as a team
    • You can help keep other team members on task with projects
    • You take ownership of your tasks and make sure they get done no matter what
  • Creative
    • You have basic copywriting skills and can write simple captions for social media posts
    • You can transcribe leadership teachings into written copy
    • You can use simple design tools like Canva to create simple social media graphics
    • You strategically think through scroll stopping videos, graphics, and copy when creating social media posts.

Additional requirements:

  • Proficiency in online tools like Slack,, Canva, Excel, and Zoom
  • Past experience in social media, administrative or project management roles
  • Access to a computer and dedicated workspace
  • Reliable internet connection

This position is NOT for someone who:

  • Wants to be the “talent” or the next big YouTube star on the Think Media team. 
  • Doesn’t like working with a team
  • Is looking for a short-term “gig” who doesn’t want to grow with the company 


About Think Media

Think Media is culturally relevant and a leader in the social media space. Outwardly, the company is obsessed with excellence and serves the community with 100% focus. Inwardly, the team has a very distinct culture that is stronger than the YouTube algorithm for shorts. 

Rise and grind! Three days a week, first thing, the team gathers for an all hands meeting. It begins with the sharing of scripture. Then, down to business. The team is always striving for excellence, and treats each other with the utmost honor. You are welcome to be who you are because honor covers all imperfections and recognizes that individuals are a source of blessing. The work environment is healthy, familiar, fun and challenging. Everyone gets along amazingly well and truly cares for and supports each other. 

Working hard and hustle is important, but not doing it to the point of burn out or anxiousness. Earlier this year, the entire team helped execute a record breaking challenge resulting in 500+ new students for the VRA Academy. To celebrate, the business was closed on Friday of that week. Team retreats are also a part of this fun culture. Think renting a giant cabin in Big Bear to go snowboarding by day and have game nights with delicious food by night. What to come along?

Cultural Values Include:

  • Pursue Success
  • Practice Extreme Ownership
  • Problem Solving is Business Building
  • Grace and Understanding
  • Servant Leadership
  • Never Stop Growing