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🔥 Creating viral videos with millions of views

🔥 Starting a podcast with over 40,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 400,000 downloads

🔥 Running a 7-figure company with YouTuber Sean Cannell

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Now more than ever, we feel the importance of making your goals on YouTube a reality. Whether it's replacing or supplementing your income, feeling some security in what you're doing next, pouring into something that brings you joy, or getting new hope for a brighter future.


Starting or growing on YouTube isn't just a silly little side project for you. It's a meaningful endeavor you've poured hours into. And you really hope all those long nights are going to pay off. You've had it on your mind for months, even years. And now you're finally going all-in. 


We've been exactly where you are right now. Feeling the roller coaster of anxiety, excitement, discouragement and hope. Our goal is to journey alongside you. We want to shorten your learning curve and help you with the smartest strategies and tactics.


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Why is Heather qualified to teach about YouTube?

Have you met Heather yet? If you haven’t, I’m so sorry because I’ve failed to introduce you to the incontrovertible COO of Think Media!


I'm Sean Cannell, founder and CEO of Think Media.


Heather has been a key part of Think Media from the very beginning. Everything I’m not good at, she’s world-class at. When we first got started, Think Media was making just enough money to support my wife Sonja and I. That's when Heather started working part-time FOR FREE to help build and launch our first Think Media online course with the agreement that IF we made any sales, she would get a percentage. At the time, there were no sales, no customers, and no best-selling books. Just faith and relentless hard work. Flash forward to today and Video Ranking Academy has over 10,000 students, Think Media has 1.98 Million subscribers, hosts the #1 YouTube Marketing conference, has a top-rated Podcast, and is a multiple 7-figure business. Today, I get far more credit than I deserve especially when you have people on the team like Heather who:


⚡Has one of our top viewed videos with over 2 MILLION views
⚡Hosts a top-rated podcast, the Think Media Podcast
⚡Has a YouTube channel herself with nearly 20,000 subscribers
⚡Over 725,000 views on her channel

Basically, she is a digital marketing Swiss army knife, a leader of leaders, and a dynamic communicator and content creator. Her focus, grit, persistence, and love has helped grow Think Media into what it is today. In everything she does, she’s on a mission to help purpose-driven entrepreneurs just like you reach their potential and go full-time doing what they love.

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