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Join the ULTIMATE PROGRAM FOR GROWING and Scaling Your YouTube Channel

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Discover the secrets to creating viral videos, building engaged audiences, and mastering the art of YouTube with our proven strategies and step-by-step training that anyone can follow.

YouTube Has Never Been Easier.

We've learned from the mistakes, we've done all of the groundwork for you — all you have to do is press record.


These videos will walk you through step-by-step everything you need to create YouTube videos that will rank higher, get more views, and build your income.


We teach you what matters on YouTube and where to prioritize your focus. You can use these principles to level up your channel right away. 


You’ll get an exact framework for creating YouTube videos that consistently show at the top of searches. Copy our proven framework and watch your videos' views skyrocket.

The Complete Video Ranking Academy Course

This is THE system for getting results for your channel that has helped over 10,000 other people go full time on YouTube. You can be one of them, too.

Not only will you get the basics covered inside of VRA Foundations, but we have a whole second part of the course called VRA Masters that will take your channel to new heights.

VRA will offer you the fastest path to success on YouTube.

Creator Community & Accountability

Some of our students claim this is the best part of Video Ranking Academy and worth the membership alone!

Our private community for our students offers daily accountability posts with peer-driven feedback, helping everyone stay on track and improve consistently. Daily feedback and peer-led Q&A sessions provide insightful answers and practical advice, fostering collaboration and growth.

The community is highly active, positive, and supportive, allowing creators to share their ups and downs in a spam-free, uplifting environment. Dedicated moderation by our team ensures a focused space where content creators can connect and thrive!

Private Group Coaching & Live Events

In addition to our incredible community, students gain access to live events and group coaching sessions designed to enhance their content creation journey.

Monthly shows feature group Q&A sessions with the Think Media Team, offering direct insights and answers to pressing questions. Group accountability sessions provide peer-driven feedback and support, connecting students with fellow creators who understand their challenges.

Students also benefit from real-time YouTube updates, offering the latest best practices and trends to keep their content strategy sharp and relevant. Niche-specific case studies highlight success stories within the community, providing inspiration and practical tips.

All of these highly-interactive sessions will give you the tools and resources to thrive on YouTube!

  What You’re Going to Learn.

When You Enroll In VRA With This
Event-Limited Offer

Reverse Engineer Your YouTube Success:

Discover how to get clarity on your branding and messaging . Create a solid, focused individual YouTube strategy.

(The Right Way):

Discover keywords and video ideas that will rank high in the search engines. Develop a laser focus on the purpose of your channel AND each video you create.

Record - The Ultimate Video Framework:

 The anatomy of the perfect video and the secret to getting people to take action after viewing your video.

Release Your Video (The Right Way):

A step-by-step instruction on what details to include when uploading your video. This is the blueprint for optimizing your video as you release it.

Rocket Your Video:

Best practices for making your videos produce income on autopilot and get the opportunity to watch Sean rank a video in real time!

Rapid Revenue:

Discover my top ten ways to make money on YouTube that are working right now for thousands of channels (large and small) across different niches.

Review and Improve:

Learn how to interpret your YouTube analytics and improve with each and every video for exponential growth.

Repeat and Sustain Long-Term Success:

My secret for producing more videos in less time and growing faster on YouTube.


Discover the proven system for creating and ranking your videos, growing your audience, and turning views into income!

30-Day 100% Risk Free Money Back Guarantee!

Here's Everything You'll Unlock

When You Enroll In VRA With This
Event-Limited Offer

The Complete Video Ranking Academy Course 

✓   Video Ranking Academy Foundations
✓   Video Ranking Academy Masters
✓   Audio-only versions of lessons
✓   80-page workbook with action guides and checklists
✓   The 7R YouTube Growth Strategy
✓   The 10 YouTube Commandments
✓   The Perfect Video Recipe
✓   16 surefire YouTube video ideas

Creator Community & Accountability

✓  Never Fall-Off Daily Accountability Posts
✓  Daily Feedback and Peer-Led Q&A
✓  Highly Active & Engaged Community
✓  Think Team Moderated — no spammy posts or off-topic conversations

Private Group Coaching & Live Events

✓  Monthly Group Q&A Sessions with the Think Media Team
✓  Monthly Group Accountability Breakout Sessions
✓  Monthly Real-Time YouTube Updates
✓  Monthly Niche-Specific Case Studies

Here’s What You’ll Get

It’s everything you need to transform your YouTube presence right away, including:
✓   How to find video ideas in your niche that’ll grow your audience
✓   Easy strategies for releasing your videos for maximum impact
✓   How to evaluate your competition and position yourself to stand out
✓   Proven strategies to make your videos rank higher in search engines
✓   10 clear ways to make money on YouTube
✓   And so much more!

  See what our Current Students Have to Say:



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For just a few days, you can get these additional bonuses!

YouTube Shorts Masterclass ($297 Value FREE)

YouTube Shorts Hits 30 Billion Views Per Day - a 4x increase from the year previous - they continue to explode. This masterclass will reveal how to quickly create YouTube Shorts that grow your channel, get you discovered by new people, and build your brand faster than ever before!
Finally- the best opportunity for going viral on YouTube is RIGHT NOW!

In this this class, You’re going to learn:
 ✓   How one creator grew 1 million subscribers in one month with a simple Shorts strategy
✓   How to start and what to say in your YouTube Shorts to grab and keep viewer attention
✓  How to measure success and trigger the algorithm
✓   The perfect Shorts video recipe
✓   Advanced YouTube Shorts strategies
✓   And more!

YouTube Niche Finder ($577 Value FREE) 

You're going to learn:
✓   The step-by step process for "finding your thing" on YouTube
✓   How to pivot or reposition your channel
✓   The most profitable niches
✓   How to stand out in a crowded niche
✓   and more!

Camera Confidence ($597 Value FREE)

This is your guide to becoming unstoppable, irresistible, and unafraid in life, business, and content creation. Develop the mindset needed to:
✓   Stay motivated
✓   Crash through quitting points
✓   Overcome every challenge of the journey to YouTube success
✓   Practical tips for feeling your best on camera
✓   The best video filming hacks to look your best on camera

Video Ranking Academy Workbook ($397 Value FREE)


The Video Ranking Academy Workbook is a step-by-step guide that takes you through Video Ranking Academy. You'll be able to plan out your upcoming videos, access exclusive title and video templates, and get the most out of your Video Ranking Academy course.

51 Money-Making Ideas ($47 Value FREE)


YouTube offers more than just ad revenue; it provides a platform for immense creativity and numerous opportunities to profit from your channel. Most people are unaware of the diverse ways they can monetize their content and maximize their earnings.

This download will walk you through 51 different ideas on how to make money TODAY, tailored to various niches. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced creator, these strategies can help you unlock new revenue streams and achieve your financial goals.

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YouTube Starter Kit ($529 Value FREE)

A power-packed digital asset bundle that will dramatically shortcut the path to creating (or reviving) your YouTube channel!

In this kit you're going to get:
✓   The YouTube Clarity Blueprint ($97 Value)
✓   The 15 Best YouTube Title Formulas for Getting Views ($97 Value)
✓   51 Video Ideas to Jumpstart Your Channel ($47 Value)
✓   51 Money Making Video Ideas Guide ($97 Value)
✓   Create Awesome Thumbnails Templates ($97 Value)
✓   Video Description Template ($47 Value)
✓   Create Awesome Videos Checklist ($47 Value)
✓   and more!

YouTube Roadmap Workshop ($997 Value FREE)


This is your ticket to unlocking the secrets of growth and prosperity with YouTube this year. We dive deep into the tactics needed to thrive on YouTube in the coming year. In this workshop, you'll discover:
✓   The YouTube Trailblazer's System: Paving Your Path to Efficiency for Busy Parents, Students, and Professionals
✓   The Resilient Business Blueprint: Building an Unshakable YouTube Presence
✓   Plus, a wealth of additional insights and strategies to set you on the path to YouTube success!

A.I. for YouTube ($97 Value FREE)

A power-packed PDF of brand new A.I. tools for YouTube.
✓   Discover how A.I. can enhance your content and take your channel to the next level
✓   Get the best A.I. tools for saving time and getting more views
✓   Grow your YouTube channel faster and more efficiently than ever before
✓   and more!

This entire bundle is currently valued over $15,000, 

But during this event, you can join for just $697 annually!


Just for attending the Grow With Video Summit, you'll get these special bonuses included in your membership!

Conference Recordings ($597 Value FREE)

✓  Recordings include presentations from industry-leading experts and influencers
✓   Gain valuable knowledge and proven strategies from top professionals to enhance your video marketing efforts and stay ahead of the competition
✓   Fit learning into your busy schedule without missing any crucial information, allowing you to implement new strategies when you are ready

What They're Saying



Video Ranking Academy

$3,997 Value

LIVE Monthly Group Q&A Sessions with the Think Media Team

$2,400 Value

LIVE Monthly Group Accountability Breakout Sessions

$600 Value

LIVE Monthly Real-Time YouTube Updates

$1,200 Value

LIVE Monthly Niche-Specific Case Studies

$1,200 Value

Creator Community & Group Accountability


YouTube Shorts Masterclass

$297 Value

YouTube Niche Finder

$597 Value

Camera Confidence

$597 Value

Video Ranking Academy Workbook

$397 Value

51 Money-Making Video Ideas

$47 Value

*LIMITED* YouTube Starter Kit

$529 Value

*LIMITED* YouTube Roadmap Workshop

$997 Value

*LIMITED* A.I. for YouTube Guide

$97 Value

*LIMITED* Conference Recordings

$597 Value



TOTAL VALUE: $15,552

This entire bundle is currently valued over $15,000, 

But during this event, you can join for just $697 annually!

About Sean Cannell

We are on a mission to help 1 million purpose-driven people create a full-time living while making a difference in the world with YouTube and online video. Helping them build the character and lifestyle that will sustain true success.

Sean Cannell is the CEO of Think Media and co-founder of Video Influencers. He is a YouTuber, international speaker, one of today’s leading online video experts and the world’s most watched YouTube strategist.

Sean's YouTube channels combined have over 3 million subscribers, his videos have been viewed over 130 million times.

He has been featured in the "20 Must Watch YouTube Channels That Will Change Your Business" by Forbes. After growing a six-figure income as a “Tech YouTuber,” he built a seven-figure online video education company that he still runs today.
He lives in Las Vegas with his wife Sonja and their sons Sean Bradley and John Stephen.

How Does This Compare to Our Other Programs?


✓  On-demand Video Lessons to Our Signature Course
✓   Accompanying Audio-only Recordings
✓   YouTube Shorts Masterclass
✓  80-page Workbook with Action Guides & Checklists
✓ Monthly Coaching Sessions & Live Events
 Livestream Replays
✓   Private Access to the VRA Facebook Group
✓  Daily Peer-Led Feedback & Accountability



✓  Everything included in VRA, plus:

✓  Tailored Weekly Coaching Calls
✓  Monthly Workshops and Clinics with the Think Coaches
✓  Channel Audit Every 6 Months (Elite Only)
✓  Monthly Q&A with Sean
✓  Personalized YouTube Success Roadmap
✓  Tech & Thumbnail Office Hours
✓  Monthly Goal Report
✓  Coaching Call Replays
✓  Exclusive VRA Elite Community



✓   Everything included in VRA and VRA Elite, plus:

✓   1:1 Quarterly Strategic Planning with a Certified Think Coach
  Quarterly Game Plan Cheat Sheet
✓  1:1 Quarterly Channel Audit & Optimization Report
✓  YouTube Success Tracker to Monitor Your Analytics
✓  Bi-weekly Accountability Check-ins
  Unlimited 1:1 Momentum Calls to Get You Unstuck
✓  1-Day Virtual VRA Implementation Workshop with Sean
  Done-for-you Channel Makeover
  Las Vegas In-Person Immersion Workshop
   5 Done-For-You Thumbnails
   Monthly Workshops & Playbooks

If you have questions on which of our programs is right for you, book a call with one of our team members to discover your best option!

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