Director of Operations


Does your love language include organization, efficiency, systems and automations?

Do you LOVE untwisting data in Google Sheets, turning it into readable graphs and reports? 

Are you a leader of teams that can inspire people?

Then the team at Think Media needs you! 

Think Media is seeking a full-time Director of Operations that will ensure the company is well-coordinated and productive by managing its procedures and coaching its people. You are the ideal DOO if you have a deep knowledge of the digital marketing world, specifically the cutting edge business of social media including YouTube, Tik Tok, Instagram, etc. You are excited to be a part of something “bigger,” and you desire to find a position you can stay for the long haul. Think Media is built to last, and the company is responsibly growing as one of the innovative leaders in its space. 

Think Media teaches the best tips and tools for online videos. The foundational course, Video Ranking Academy, teaches aspiring YouTubers a proven system for ranking videos, growing an audience, and turning views into income. On top of the course, the company hosts an annual sold-out event, offers a bootcamp and is building a mastermind so top students can have better access to the leader and founder of the company, Sean Cannell.

Sean is a visionary, through and through. His leadership style is to inspire others to take action. The sky's the limit when working on Sean’s team. He wants to see you own your position in order to catapult growth, and he is willing to provide whatever resources you need along the way. Sean’s YouTube channels have over 2 million subscribers. He is a thought leader and creates innovation that all other YouTubers aspire to replicate.


You’re perfect for this role if you are a strategic thinker who loves working closely with a leadership team in order to craft a plan around new ideas and see those ideas through implementation. You are not an independent worker. While you are able to autonomously accomplish the responsibilities associated with your position, you prefer to work with a team. You lead others to create systems of reporting, efficiency, communication, task management, etc. You are equipped to be the organizational brain behind the creative force that is Think Media.

Metrics and reports are your jam. You know the delicate balance between tracking data and not getting caught in the weeds of too many numbers. You're a pro at SOPs and empowering all company departments to implement procedures that will lead to a more efficient work day. You know how to launch new ideas/products that ultimately lead to a full department within the company. Tracking progress and growth through the P&L is something you do with your eyes closed. And of course, with progress comes people management. You know when to hire, how to recruit top talent and how to create a path of growth for all team members.

You also know how to manage “all directions” – both leading a team and holding them accountable, working with other departmental leaders, as well as managing up to the CEO. You don’t shy away from tough conversations because you know constructive conflict brings inter-personal growth. You address issues quickly, and ultimately build trust with team members through your direct approach.

You are perfect for this role if you love executing ideas that turn into multi-million dollar launches. You’re exceptionally good at breaking big projects down into the essential steps and knowing the best order to take action on them. 

If this kind of work excites you, and you want to be part of growing a company that knows how to have fun while crushing goals, you’re a great fit for this Director of Operations role!

Company: Think Media

Reports to: CEO

Status: FULL-TIME, W2

Location: Remote

Application Deadline: Wednesday, March 1, 2023

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Responsibilities (tasks associated with the role)

  •  Project Management
    • Partner with the CEO and leadership team to execute new ideas for 2023 and beyond 
    • Achieve growth and revenue objectives through funnels and paid ads
    • Assist and manage project implement throughout all company departments
    • Manage projects using
  • Operations Management
    • Regularly analyze and streamline business systems and processes across all company departments
    • Work closely with contractor to build software as efficient as possible for the company 
    • Implement changes to systems and business strategies as needed
    • Integrate all major operating functions of the business
    • Create and automate systems for the day-to-day business activities
    • Manage the SOPs and empower team members to manage SOPs as necessary
    • Assess resource needs
  • KPI Reporting
    • Create cross departmental KPI tracking
    • Manage leadership KPI tracking for a high level overview of company
    • Track key metrics for business activities to measure the effectiveness of efforts and the growth of channels
  • Team Management
    • Ensure clear and concise communication
    • Organize and run meetings as necessary
    • Implement a scorecard system for managers to follow with team members
    • Follow scorecard system with your direct reports
    • Conduct an audit of the current team to look for ways to improve and/or fill any gaps
    • Recruit and onboard new team members as needed


Requirements (expected proficiencies to excel in this role)

This position is for a person who is:

  • Experienced with 5 or more years of work as a DOO or equivalent 
  • Willing to travel. This is a remote position, but Think Media values face-to-face time, and often brings team members together at headquarters in Las Vegas, NV. On average, this looks like 1-2 trips per quarter.
  • Experienced and has a deep understanding of the digital marketing world, specifically, social media platforms
  • Experienced scaling a company with several departments
  • Organized and loves project management
  • Proficient with budgets and comfortable working with big numbers
  • Skilled at managing people and loves leading a strong team
  • Able to identify and implement new systems
  • Excellent with efficiency and follow-through
  • Prefers to work behind the scenes
  • A master communicator
  • Detail-oriented 
  • Tech-savvy 
  • Proactive 
  • Humble
  • Confident
  • Solution-oriented
  • A believer in constructive conversations and constructive conflict

Additional requirements:

  • Work overlapping hours with PST
  • Understands how to work remotely and still show up 100%
  • Access to a computer and dedicated workspace
  • Reliable internet connection

This position is NOT for someone who:

  • Doesn’t like working with a team
  • Is uncomfortable thinking outside the box
  • Is not goal-oriented or performance-driven
  • Does not take initiative


About Think Media

Think Media is culturally relevant and a leader in the social media space. Outwardly, the company is obsessed with excellence and serves the community with 100% focus. Inwardly, the team has a very distinct culture that is stronger than the YouTube algorithm for shorts. As a leader inside the company, encompassing the culture and values is important. 

So what does that culture look like?

Team meetings consist of daily scripture sharing. The weekly leadership meeting includes a check-in on the 12 traits of spiritual leaders. Of those 12, the #1 trait is that the word of God is the blueprint for your life, conduct and business. Simply put, Think Media is a community of spirit-filled Jesus lovers. 

When the team gets together, it’s very much like a family reunion. Lots of fun and lots of laughs. Last December, the entire team flew to Vegas for a company wide meeting. They learned about the Enneagram, worked on company goals and took an outing to Beatles Love on the strip. The party bus picked the team up, and someone quickly connected to bluetooth and launched a playlist that made dancing a requirement. No, it wasn’t all worship music. The group jammed to Drake, Kayne, and other top music stars.

When working together virtually, you might find yourself in a conversation about Matt Walsh’s latest podcast or discussing a new video by The Daily Wire. Ultimately, you are welcome to be who you are because honor is a foundational value of the company. Honor covers all imperfections and recognizes that individuals are a source of blessing. 

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