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Do you have questions about tech, editing, YouTube strategy, thumbnails, ect?

We suggest first taking advantage of the "search bar" on our YouTube channel to search specific key words and topics. You'd be amazed how many of your questions are already answered in a YouTube video on our channel!

You can also checkout resources like our Think Media Gear Guide for our favorite tech or Think Media Tool Guide for our favorite tools for business, editing, project management and more.

If you're a member of Video Ranking Academy or Inner Circle, you can post your question in the respective Facebook group. If not, you can post your question in related posts we do on social media:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/seanTHiNKs

Instagram: www.instagram.com/seancannell/

Twitter: twitter.com/seancannell

YouTube Community:  www.youtube.com/user/THiNKmediaTV/community


We also highly recommend taking advantage of the "search bar" on our YouTube channel to search specific key words and topics.


Do you have questions about our free online classes, our paid programs or our events?

You can ask your questions using the chat feature on this page!  If they are not currently available, they will send you a text once they're able.

If you feel you need to talk to someone on the phone to get in-depth guidance on your next steps in the Think Media community, you can also book a phone call with one of our Certified Think Media Coaches.

The discovery call is a chance for you to talk through the various educational opportunities we have here at Think Media - courses, coaching and events. It is not a coaching call to discuss specific questions about your channel. We'd love to be able to do this with everyone, but it'd be physically impossible for us!

Book a discovery call here: www.TalkWithThink.com 


Are you already a customer and you're looking for help with your account or payment?

You can start by using the chat feature here on this page to reach a member of our team. If they are not currently available, they will send you a text once they're able.


You can also email our team at [email protected].

We have an awesome email family.

Would you like to join?

The mission of Think Media is to help 10,000 purpose-driven people create a full-time living doing what they love while making a difference in the world with online video.

We want to help spread YOUR message so you can help others around the world.

This is why we hustle our faces off each and every day.


Everything we create is meant to help you, encourage you, and teach you the skills and strategies myself and many others have used to create our own multiple 7-figure businesses online using YouTube.

We create tons of free content on YouTube, our podcast, and on our social media to help you accomplish your goals.


Another way we share our tips with you is through email.


Sometimes, we'll also email you about upcoming events, special promotions we don't want you to miss and other awesome resources.

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Email FAQ


I don't seem to be getting all your emails, how can I fix this?

The best way to ensure you'll get all emails from us is to add us to your "Safe Senders" list or your contact list. You can learn to do this for your specific email platform by Googling your email program.


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Why am I receiving emails promoting a product I already own?

The most common reason this happens is because you're using two different emails on our platform. You may have signed up for emails with one email address but purchased the course with a separate email. If you email our team at [email protected] they should be able to help solve this.


Why do I receive emails about events that aren't anywhere near where I live?

We don't store information on our site about where you live. So you may occasionally receive emails about an event that is not near you. While this may be slightly inconvenient, we think it's better than storing more personal information about you than necessary :)

Why do you send all these emails?

We truly want every email we send to be something that benefits our community. So we share news, videos, products, tips, and resources we think will help you. We know that not every email will be useful for each community member, but we have no way of knowing what each individual person may need at a given time.

So, we choose to send you as many awesome resources as we can each week.

You may get an email that didn't matter to you, but someone else in the community really needed it.

So we just ask that you delete whichever emails don't pertain to you, and keep the ones that do!

This self-ownership allows us to make sure the information can get to whoever in our community needs it.