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If you're a creator, business owner, influencer, or entrepreneur, we want to invite you to participate in this free 5 Day YouTube 1K Challenge.


For 5 days we're going to be going live in an exclusive Facebook group to teach our proprietary YouTube Growth System that has generated over $35 million in sales and over 1 billion video views!


Each day, we'll teach you how you can change lives with your content, serve people with your message, and build a business with the power of YouTube. Then we'll challenge you to TAKE ACTION on your own YouTube channel.


  • How to start and grow a YouTube channel RIGHT and get views and subscribers

  • The best ways to make money with YouTube (even if you don’t have a product or business)

  • How to create irresistible videos that get your audience to click and keep them watching




5 Days of Actionable High-Value Content

Each day we'll walk you through our YouTube growth strategy and challenge you to take action on YOUR channel. You'll get a clear idea of what you need to do each day in order to gain subscribers, increase views, and make an impact.

Private Facebook Group

We'll be going LIVE every day and chatting with you in our private Challenge Facebook group!

This group will be there for you to not only engage with us and learn new valuable content each day, but for you to post your progress and ask your questions! There's nothing as valuable as an encouraging community and accountability to get you going!

April 4-8

We know how hard it is to create and keep momentum when working on YouTube. So we've decided to go live to teach, encourage, and support you every day for 5 days!

You can start now! If you want to start leveling up your YouTube channel today, check out our YouTube Starter Kit. You'll get information on it right after you sign up for this challenge.

You can make a difference in the world, share your message, and build a sustainable freedom lifestyle - all through the power of YouTube.


A recent study revealed that being a content creator is the fastest-growing small business type... and YOU have this crazy opportunity to jump on YouTube for FREE. You can start today on your iPhone and reach countless people all over the world. This platform has the power to help YOU make a positive impact on the world.


We are living through a massive shift in our world. The new wave of YouTube entrepreneurs is rising up and refusing to let the changing state of the world define the future of their families and livelihoods.


There is a window of opportunity to build a YouTube channel that will change your entire future - and change the lives of people around the world.

You don't have to go on this journey alone. And you don't have to start with nothing.


We want to introduce you to our tried-and-true formula for growing on YouTube and creating a high-impact channel.


This training has previously only been taught in our $2,997 YouTube Coaching Program but you get access to it FREE for a limited time during this YouTube 1K Challenge.

You’ll get 5 days of actionable, high-value content, the ability to connect with the Think Media team, and other purpose-driven creators and entrepreneurs. 


Discover the secrets to getting views, making money, and creating an impact - all through YouTube.



You're an author, speaker, coach, or online marketer who wants to grow your influence.

You know the best place to grow your online influence is on YouTube. It's the world's #1 search engine after Google - you NEED to be on there. 

But you've held back from building your YouTube presence because you just don't know where to start...

You're NOT a videographer and you're NOT a seasoned, on-camera personality. What if you try this out and no one likes your videos? What if you look silly?

Believe us. We hear your worries.

We've all had those same thoughts.

But that's where we come in.

We're here to demystify the process of getting started on YouTube. We're going to give you a step-by-step guide for creating videos that will get views and help build your brand online.


Entrepreneurs & Small Biz Owners

You're a service- or product-based business owner who wants to increase your revenue.

These are certainly trying times and as a business owner, it's your responsibility to use all the tools available to you to diversify your income streams.

If you're not on YouTube, you're neglecting one of the biggest opportunities in online marketing and social media available right now.

What's stopping you from starting?

You don't know about tech, about talking on camera or how to get people to watch your videos... Is that it?

We see.

You need a guide.

That's where we come in! We're here to walk you through, step-by-step, how to get started on YouTube - no tech expertise, prior experience or video skills necessary.


You're a creator who wants to get started on YouTube right.

We bet you've had a lot of ideas for YouTube videos you could make.

But you've held back because you're just not sure exactly how to get started.

Well this challenge is not only going to give you the step-by-step process for getting started on YouTube RIGHT, we're also going to provide the atmosphere you need to get yourself kicked into gear.

If you've been needing motivation to get started, there's nothing better than the supportive, encouraging community this challenge will offer to give you the momentum you need.

"This is next level. This is why I am with Sean and Think Media. It is going to take time, but, this is a level no one else I have found talks about."

Matthew Stratton
Audio Tech YouTuber

"Sean, this program is amazing! It's a Godsend for me. Keep up the amazing work my friend!"

Louis Guidetti
Artist & YouTuber

"Sean and Heather and their team provide wonderful information to help with growth and guidance for your channel, social media, and your business plans. Yesterday, after a little more than a year and a half with Think Media, my channel popped over 100,000 subscribers and 3 million views. (I still can't believe it!) Thank you Sean, Heather, and my Video Ranking Academy family! The income I am able to make from this venture is really helping my family during this time."

Mary Louise
Cooking YouTuber

"Using your advice, I've grown from 900 subscribers to 17,000 over the past year. You guys rock!"


We’re doing this 5 Day YouTube 1K Challenge for free to help you set yourself up for success in 2022. To make it even better, we’ll be giving away cameras, microphones, lighting kits, live-streaming gear and software to help you make better content.

We will have daily giveaways of the best products from top camera gear companies. Join the challenge to be automatically entered to win!



YouTube views went up 64% last year and there has never been a better time to build your influence, income, and impact online with YouTube!


  • YouTube is the #1 video website in the world. 
  • YouTube has 2 billion logged-in monthly users. This makes it one of the biggest social media platforms. This is why it is more important than ever to include it in your marketing strategy, regardless of your industry or niche.
  • If the massive user count isn’t enough to convince you, note that the platform reaches more U.S consumers between the ages of 18 and 49 than all cable TV networks combined.
  • YouTube has launched local versions in more than 100 countries. You can navigate YouTube in a total of 80 different languages. No matter where you are in the world and what language you speak, NOW is the time to build your influence on YouTube.
  • After Netflix, YouTube is also the second most-preferred platform for viewing videos on TV screens among 18-34-year-olds. (And it’s FREE to use to upload content!)
  • Interestingly, YouTube is popular among other age groups as well. There’s a 71% usage rate among US internet users ages 26-35, 67% among ages 36-45, 66% among ages 46-55 and 58% among ages 56 and older.
  • In 2019, YouTube paid creators over $8.3 billion dollars through it’s partner program (we’re going to show you how to get a piece of that)
  • The number of channels earning six figures per year on YouTube grew more than 40% year over year.

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Sean Cannell is one of the most watched video content experts in the world and one of his channels was listed by Forbes as one of the "Top 20 Channels That Will Change Your Business."

He is an international speaker, best-selling author of the book YouTube Secrets and his YouTube channel, Think Media, reaches over 21.5 million people a month. Sean has been hailed as one of the most successful online video experts - first building a multiple six-figure business through affiliate marketing and then going on to build a seven-figure media company focusing on online education that he still runs today.

Sean and his team are on a mission to help 10,000 people quit their day jobs to do what they love. He is passionate about giving tactical, practical advice to use video to spread your message. 

Sean is from Arlington, Washington and currently lives in Las Vegas, NV with his wife Sonja, son Sean Bradley, and their dog Sophie. 


Heather Torres is the COO of Think Media - one of the fastest growing media education companies for video creators and smart entrepreneurs. In addition to running a seven-figure company, she is also an international speaker, business coach and marketing mastermind!

 With over a decade of digital marketing and strategy experience, Heather has helped thousands of creators gain clarity in their businesses and brands. She has built several businesses as well as working with Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. Think Media has partnered with top brands like Canon, Sony, and Amazon, and has been featured in Success Magazine.

Heather is passionate about helping female entrepreneurs grow their confidence and businesses through online strategy.

Heather currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada with her husband Isaiah and their three children they homeschool.





You Want a Step-by-Step Guide

You Need Inspiration & Motivation

You Want the Best YouTube Strategies


This is for anyone wanting to start or grow a YouTube channel!  We want to help purpose-driven entrepreneurs make an impact on the world by sharing their story on YouTube.

Whether you haven't started yet, you're a complete beginner, or you're an advanced YouTuber, this challenge is right for you.

This is for anyone wanting to start or grow a YouTube channel!  We want to help purpose-driven entrepreneurs make an impact on the world by sharing their story on YouTube.

Whether you haven't started yet, you're a complete beginner, or you're an advanced YouTuber, this challenge is right for you.

This is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme, a magic key that will allow you to grow without doing any work, or a sure-fire way to be "famous."

If your only goal is to be a famous YouTuber without really working for it, this might not be right for you...

Just click any of the blue challenge buttons on this page and you'll be taken to a sign-up form. Once you enter your name and best email, you'll be entered to win! You can also check out for additional info.

But we also have DAILY giveaways that will happen on each challenge session - so even more opportunities to win! You must show up live to the training session to be eligible.

Just click any of the blue buttons on this page and you'll be taken to a sign-up form. Once you enter your name and best email, you'll receive further instructions in your email on how to join our challenge group.

Because there will be a lot going on for this challenge (Facebook group, daily training, giveaways, etc) we need a way to get you all the information you may need. So email is required and we also recommend you sign up for text messages.

That's okay! Just come for as much of the challenge content as you're able. If you'd like to have the option to go back and watch all the content from the Challenge, you can purchase a VIP spot for the Challenge. This will give you access to all the recordings along with daily downloadable action guides and more! You'll see more details for this after you sign up for the challenge.



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